Archive 2003–2022


„8 Mile“ Film 2nd February 2003 United International Pictures

„8 Mile“DVD 28th May 2003 Universal Pictures


Ashanti „Ashanti“ 10th June 2002 Def Jam/Universal Music Group

Arun Ghosh „Primal Odyssey“ 31st October 2011 camoci records

Al Jarreau „My Old Friend: Celebrating George Duke“ 4th July 2014 Concord/Universal Music Group

Al Jarreau „Accentuate The Positive“ 7th June 2004 Verve/Universal Jazz

Alison Krauss „Windy City“ 3rd March 2017 Capitol/Universal Jazz

Alice Francis „St. James Ballroom“ 7th September 2007 Boutique/Universal Jazz

Angie Martinez „Up Close & Personal“ 3rd September 2001 Elektra/Warner

Alice Phoebe Lou „Orbit“ 22nd April 2016 Motor Entertainment/Indigo

Armin Mueller-Stahl „Es gibt Tage…“ 26th November 2010 Verve/Universal

„Aural Float presents Space Night Vol. VIII“ 2002 Elektrolux/Warner Strategic Marketing

Allen Stone „Allen Stone“ 22nd February 2013 Decca/Universal Music Group

Angie Stone „The Art Of Love & War“ 26th October 2007 Condord Records/Universal Strategic Marketing

Alex Wilson „Anglo Cubano“ 1st January 2000 Candid Records

Anthony Strong „Stepping Out“ 24th May 2013 Naïve/Indigo

Anna Ternheim „Somebody Outside“ 3rd February 2006 Stockholm Records/Universal Jazz

Anna Ternheim „Separation Road“ 16th February 2007 Stockholm Records/Universal Jazz

Anna Ternheim „The Night Visitor“ 28th October 2011 Stockholm Records/Universal Music


Bettina Russmann Quartett feat. Ken Norris Until Day Broadlight
26th August 2022 Timezone Records & Distribution

Bert Kaempfert „„Today & Yesterday – The Bert Kaempfert Anthology“ 27th  November 2020 Universal Music GmbH

Barbara Lahr “Kintsugi” 30th July 2021 Phazz-a-delic New Format Recordings/Alive

Benjamin Mørks „Attover“ 21st February 2020 Jazzland Recordings/Kontor New Media

Batman Begins – OST 13th June 2005 Warner Home

Beady Belle „Home“ 5th June 2001 Jazzland Recordings/Edel

Beady Belle „Cricklewood Broadway“ 1st March 2013 Jazzland Recordings/Edel

Beady Belle „On My Own“ 20th May 2016 Jazzland Recordings/Edel

Beady Belle „Dedication“ 20th April 2018 Jazzland Recordings/Edel

Berger „Sounds of Sience“ 6th June 2003 Phazz-a-delic/Edel

Bert Kaempfert „The Complete Concert 1979“ 26th September 2008 Polydor/Universal Music

Barbara Lahr „UNDO UNDO“ 9th February 2007 Phazz-a-delic/Edel

Blacknuss „Gold“ 25th July 2004 Content/Edel

Brit Jazz Week live in Austria & Germany 14th -19th and 21st – 26th March 2011

Blacknuss „All Your Lovin’“ Single 18th July 2005 Content/Edel

Branford Marsalis „Braggtown“15th September Marsalis Music/Universal Jazz

Bugge Wesseltoft’s New Conception Of Jazz”Moving” 7th October 2016 Jazzland Recordings/Universal Music Group


Curtis Stigers „This Life“ Hits and Classics Revisited 25th February 2022 Emarcy Records/Universal Music

Chiara Civello „Chansons“ (International French Standards) 19th November 2021 Kwaidan Records/Rough Trade/Groove Attack

Cynthia Erivo “Ch. 1, Vs. 1” 17th September 2021 Verve/Universal Music

Cologne “Episode I: Elevating Music” 13th August 2021 digital via Believe

Craing Armstrong & Calum Martin „The Edge of the Sea“  28th August 2020 Modern Recordings/BMG

Charles Aznavour „Best of Charles Aznavour“ & Back Catalogue 26th November 2001 EMI

Café Jazz „achtzehndreißig“ 22nd June 2012 soundso/NMD

Carole King & James Taylor „Live at the Troubadour“ 28th June 2011 Concord/Universal Music Group

Charlie & die Schokoladenfabrik – OST 8th August 2005 Warner Home Video

Charles Pasi „Zebra“ 5th February 2021 Blue Note/Universal Music

Charles Pasi „Bricks“ 29th September 2017 Blue Note/Universal Music Group

Chase & Status „No More Idols“ 29th April 2011 Mercury/Universal Music Group

Chase & Status „Brand New Machine“ 7th October 2013 Virgin EMI Music/Universal Music Group

Chilly Gonzales „Solo Piano II“ 31st August 2012 Gentle Threat/Indigo

Chilly Gonzales „Re-Introduction Etudes“ 2nd June 2014 Gentle Threat/Editions Bourgès R.

Chilly Gonzales Masterclasses Summer 2014

Chilly Gonzales „Chambers“ 20th March 2015 Gentle Threat/Indigo

Chinaza „Changes“ 17th March 2006 Nagel Heyer Records/Edel Contraire

Cityjazznight Braunschweig 2005Cityjazznight Braunschweig 2006

Culture Clan „Africa“ 30th June 2003 Upper Level/Edel

Curse „Feuerwasser“ 27th March 2000 Jive Records/Zomba

Curse „Von Innen Nach Aussen“1st October 2001 Jive/Zomba

Curse „Innere Sicherheit“ 31st March 2003 Jive/Zomba

Charlie Haden „Land Of The Sun“ 13th September 2004 Verve/Universal Jazz

Claus Ogerman „The Man Behind The Music“ 7th January 2002 Boutique/Universal Jazz

China Moses & Rhaphaël Lemonnier „Crazy Blues“ 25th January 2013 Emarcy/Universal Jazz

Christian Redl „Sehnsucht“ 9th May 2014 Goldbek Records/Indigo

Christian Redl & Vlatko Kucan „Die Blumen des Bösen“ 6th June 2014 Goldbek Records/Indigo

Christian Scott „Christian aTunde Adjuah“ 22nd June 2012 Concord/Universal Music Group

Courtney Pine ”Back In The Day” 23rd October 2000 Blue Thumb/Universal Music

Christina Milian „Christina Milian“ 28th January 2002 Def Jam/Universal


De-Phazz „Jelly Banquet“ 25 years band jubillee 30th September 2022 Phazz-a-delic New Format Recordings/Alive

De-Phazz & Co. „Music to unpack your Christmas present“ 13th November 2020 Phazz-a-delic New Format Recordings/Alive

Departed – OST 1st December 2006 Wea international Inc./ Warner Music Germany

Dephazz „Days of Twang“ 23rd March 2007 Phazz-a-delic/Edel

Derailed – OST 24th February 2006 Wu Music Group/36 Chambers Records

Danacee „Spotlight“ 22nd July 2002 Def Soul Records/Universal Music Group

Die Kinder des Monsieur Mathieu „Das Konzert“ CD & DVD 20th June 2005 Warner Music

Django Deluxe „Wilhelmsburg“ 24th August 2012 Edel:Content

Django Deluxe & Gäste 1st Advent, 29th November 2015 MPS/Edel

Django Deluxe & NDR Big Band 27th February 2015 MPS/Edel

Dragons „Here Are The Roses“ 10th August 2007 OHM/Cargo

Dust Galaxy „Dust Galaxy“ 9th November 2007 ESL Music/Soulfood

Diana Ross „Blue” 25th August 2006 Motown/Universal Music

Die Zöllner „Uferlos“ 1st June 2012 Edel:Content


Esther Abrami „Esther Abrami“ 25th March Sony Classical

e.s.t. Esbjörn Svensson Trio „live in hamburg“ 22nd November 2007 ACT/edel

Eva „Bittersweet Sessions“ 25th June 2010 Bosworth/Alive

Esperanza Spalding „Emily’s D + Evolution“ 4th March 2016 Concord/Universal

Elvis Costello „National Ransom“ 22nd October 2010 Concord/Universal

Empirical „Elements of Truth“VÖ: 18. Mai 2012 naim jazz/Indigo


Fieh „Cold Water Burning Skin“27th September 2019 Decca/Universal Music

Fjarill „God Jul“ EP 21st November 2008 Rintintin/Indigo

Fjarill „Livet“ 17th September 2010 Rintintin Music/Indigo

Flowmotion Vol. 1 „Visual Pleasure“ DVD 2nd April 2003 Elektrolux/Intergroove

Fräuleinwunder 5th May 2003 Phazz-a-delic/Universal

Foxy Brown „Broken Silence“ 30th July 2001 Def Jam/Universal Music Group

Féderico Aubele „GranHotelBuenosAires“ 24th May 2004 ESL Music/Soulfood

Féderico Aubele „Panamericana“ 21st September 2007 ESL Music/Soulfood


Guy Chambers „Go Gentle Into The Light“ 3rd Mai 2019 BMG

Götz Alsmann „L.I.E.B.E.“ 27th November 2020 Blue Note/Universal Music

Götz Alsmann“In Rom“ 15th September 2017 Blue Note/Universal Music Group

Gonzervatory 2017

Get The Blessing „All Is Yes“ 24th October 2008 Cake Records/Fenn Music

Gilles Peterson Various Artists “GP: Worldwide” VÖ: 10.07.2000 Talkin‘ Loud/Universal Music

Genius: A Night For Ray Charles DVD 19th January 2005 Universal Pictures

Get The Blessing „OC DC“ 9th March 2012 naim label/Indigo


Herb Alpert „Human Nature“ & Back Katalog 30th September 2006 Herb Alpert Presents/Warner

Hamburger Hill “Alles Aus” 3rd February 2003 wea records

Hedvig Hanson “What Colour Is Love” 8th September 2003 Emarcy/Universal

Happy Feet OST Various Artists 24th November 2006 Warner Music

Harry Potter und der Feuerkelch OST Various Artists 18th November 2005/Warner

Helena „Azul“ 24th September 2001 Verve/Universal Music Group

Helena „Née dans la nature“ 17th May 2004 Emarcy/Universal Jazz

Honey DVD 9th June 2004 Universal Pictures

Honey Film 25th December 2003 United International Pictures

Hot Fuzz OST Various Artists 15th June 2007 Universal/Island

Hustle & Flow Film 17th November United International Pictures

Håkon Kornstad Trio „Tenor Battle“ 30th September 2016 jazzland recordings/edel

Helen Schneider „Dream A Little Dream“ 31st October 2008 edel records/edelkultur

Helen Schneider „The World We Knew“ 24th September 2010 Content Records/Edel Germany

Heine Totland „Tough Times For Gentlemen“ 20th October 2006 edel content

Heidi Marie Vestrheim „I Want To Go“ 12th October 2012 brillJant sound/Indigo

Heidi Marie Vestrheim „Black Forest“ 18th March 2016 brillJant sounds/Indigo


Imelda May “11 Past The Hour“ 16th April 2021 Decca Records/Universal Music

Interpretations „Celebrating The Music Of Earth, Wind & Fire“ Various Artists 21st September 2007 Concord/Universal

IPURI expectations / a touch of jazz 4 28th January 2002 W S M/Warner

Italo Reno & Germany „Hart Aber Herzlich“ 13th September 2004 BMG Subword/Alles Real Records


Jon Batiste „We Are“ 19th March 2021 Verve/Universal Music (TV Promotion)

Juliano Rossi „The Last White Christmas“1st November 2019 Künstlerhafen/Edel Distribution

James Last „The Album Collection“ (25-CD Box) & „The Very Best Of“ (3-CD Box) 12th April 2019 Polydor/Universal Music

Jamie Cullum „Twentysomething“ 29th March 2004 Univeral Jazz

Jesse Harris „Mineral“ 5th August 2006 edel content

Jazzkantine DVD „10 Jahre Live – Das Jubiläumskonzert“ 17th June 2005 Warner Home Video

Jazzland Recordings jazzahead! clubnight: 20 years of jazzland recordings 23rd April 2016

Julia Biel „Nobody Loves You Like I Do“ EP 4th Juli 2014 Rokit Records/Proper

Julia Biel „Love Letters and Other Missiles“ 30th January 2015 Rokit Records/Proper

Jürgen Attig „Aventureiro“ 23rd March 20012 Columbia/Sony Music

Jovanotti „Il Quinto Mondo“ 14th July 2009 Mercury/Universal Music Group

Julian Siegel Quartet „Urban Theme Park by Julian Siegel Quartet“ 7th June 2007 Basho

Julian Siegel „Urban Theme Park“ 18th April 2011 Basho Records

Jerry Lee Lewis „Mean Old Man“ 24th September 2010 Verve/Universal

Jason Yarde & Andrew McCormack „My Duo“ 2009 Joy And Ears


Kymat „Sonic Bloom“ 20th March 2020 digital via The Orchard

Ketil Bjørnstad „Floating“ 27th January 2006 Universal Jazz

Kyle Eastwood „Paris Blue“ 14th February 2005 Candid Records/Fenn Music

Kyle Eastwood „Now“ 22nd March 2007 Candid Records/Fenn Music

KENT „Le Temps des Âmes“ 24th May 2013 Thoobett/Broken Silence

Ketama „Toma Ketama!“ 11th September 2000 Universal Music

KhalifeSchumacherTristano „Afrodiziak“ 30th January 2015 MPS/Edel

Klaus Hoffmann „Spirit“ 28th March 2008 stille-music/Indigo

Kit Downes Trio „Quiet Tiger“ 7th March 2011 Basho Records

KLIEMA „Dezemberlichter“ 11th November 2015 One Track Pony Records

Kojato „All About Jazz“ 3rd February 2012 Buyú Records/Sony Music

Kula Shaker „Pilgrim’s Progress“ 16th July 2010 Strange Folk Records/ADA International

Kool Savas „Der Beste Tag Meines Lebens“ 4th November 2002 Subword/Sony Music

Kenny Rankin „A Song For You“ 16th September 2002 Verve/Universal Music

Kymat „Sonic Bloom“ 20th March 2020 Elfenmaschine/The Orchard


Louis Armstrong „Louis Wishes You A Cool Yule“ 11th November 2022 Verve/Universal Music

Lyder Øvreås Røed „The Moon Doesn’t Drink“ 20th September 2019 Jazzland Recordings/Edel

Ludovico Einaudi „Nightbook“ 25th September 2009 Decca/Universal Music Group

Lars Duppler „Alliance Urbaine“ 30th May 2008 Ear Treat Music/edelkultur

Loudon Wainwright III „Strange Weirdos“ 17th August 2007 Concord/Universal Music Group

Lizz Wright „Dreaming Wide Awake“ 20th June 2005 Universal Jazz/Verve

Lizz Wright „Freedom and Surrender“ 4th September 2015 Concord/Universal

Lizz Wright „Grace“ 15th September 2017 Concord/Universal Music Group


Matt Andersen „House to House“ 4th March 2022 Sonic Records/The Orchard

Maridalen „Bortenfor“ 25th March 2022 Jazzland Reordings/Edel

Madison Cunningham „Revealer“ 9th November 2022 Verve Forecast/Universal Music

Marianne Faithfull & Warren Ellis “She Walks In Beauty” 30th April 2021 BMG

Marianne Faithfull „Negative Capability“ 2nd November 2018 BMG

Melody Gardot „Sunset in the Blue“ 23rd October 2020 Decca/Universal Music

Matt Andersen „Halfway Home By Morning“ 22nd March 2019 True North Records/Alive

Matt Andersen „Honest Man“ October Tour 2017

Matt Bianco „Matt’s Mood“ 28th June 2004 Emarcy/Universal Music Group

Michael Brecker „Nearness of You – The Ballad Book“ 18th June 2001 Verve/Universal Music Group

Mark de Clive-Lowe „Six Degrees“ Emarcy/Universal Music Group

Melody Gardot „Currency of Man“ 29th May 2015 Decca/Universal Music Group

Montell Jordan „Montell Jordan“ 25th February 2002 Def Soul/Universal Music Group

Mory Kanté „Tamala – Le Voyageur“ 30th June 2009 Sonodisc

Milla Kay  „Out Of Place“ 31st August 2007 Rhythm Attack/Edel

Milla Kay „Heartmade“ 30th March 2012 Edel:Content/Edel

Mirian Makeba „Reflections“ 9th August 2004 Exil Musik/Indigo

Mamani Keita & Marc Minelli „Electro Bamako“8th April 2002 Emarcy Records/Universal Music

Melbeatz „Rapper’s Delight“ 7th June 2004 Subword/BMG

Malakoff Kowalski „I Love You“ 18th September 2015 MPS/Edel

Malakoff Kowalski „My First Piano“ 6th April 2018 MPS/Edel

Mojo Club 11th & 12th April 2013 „NDR Big Band at Mojo Club“ Hamburg

Mojo Club 9th November 2007 „15 Years Mojo in Stadtgarten“ Cologne

Mojo Club „Mojo Club presents Dancefloor Jazz 10 – Love Power“ 1st January 2001 Boutique/Universal

Mojo Club Re-Opening 2nd February 2013 Hamburg

Miss 600 „Buying Time“ 24th May 2013 Membran/Sony

OST „More Music From Ray“ 18th April 2005 Warner Strategic Marketing

Various Artists „Motown Remixed“ 4th November 2005 Motown/MPS January 2015

OST „Mystic River“ 24th November 2003 WSM/Classics

Madeleine Peyroux „Careless Love“ 4th October 2004 Universal Jazz

Madeleine Peyroux „Anthem“ 31st August 2018 Decca/Universal Music Group


Natalia Clavier „Nectar“ 13th June 2008 ESL Music/ADA Global

Nicola Conte „Rituals“ 17th October 2008 Emarcy/Universal Music Group

Neil Cowley Trio „LOUD..LOUDER…STOP!“ 31st October 2008 Cake Records/Fenn Music

Neil Cowley Trio „Radio Silence“ 28th May 2010 naim label/Rough Trade
Nadia Maria Fischer „Talk“ 12th September 2005 Double Moon/SunnyMoon

Ndidi „Dark Swing“ 28th February 2014 Emarcy/Universal Music Jazz

Nikka & Strings „Underneath And In Between“ 2nd June Metropolis Recordings/INgrooves

Nailah Porter „ConJazzNess“ 27th April Emarcy/Universal Music Group

Nils Petter Molvaer „Molvær Live“ DVD 31st March 2002 Emarcy/Universal

Nils Petter Molvaer „NP3″ 1st July 2002 Emarcy/Universal

Nils Petter Molvaer „Streamer“ 30th August 2004 Sula/Edel

Nana Mouskouri „Nana Mouskouri in New York“ 22nd February 2000 Electrola/Universal Music

Nas „Street’s Disciple“ 29th November 2004 Sony Music

Nils Wülker „Turning The Page“ 29th August 2008 Ear Treat music/edelkultur

Nils Wülker „Safely Falling“ 20th April 2007 Ear Treat music/edelkultur

Nils Wülker “My Game” 21st October 2005 Ear Treat music/Edelkultur

Niki Yanofsky „Nikki“ 17th September 2010 Decca/Universal Music

Niki Yanofsky „Little Secret“ 9th May 2014 Universal Music Canada


Olga Scheps „Family“ 5th November 2021 Sony Classical

Olga Scheps „Melody“ 8th March 2019 Sony Classical

Olga Scheps „Tchaikovsky““ 20th October 2017 Sony Classical

Olga Scheps „Satie“ 6th May 2016 RCA Red Seal/Sony Music

Olga Scheps „100% Scooter – Piano Only by Olga Scheps“ 15th December 2017 Shefield Tunes Classics/Kontor

Ola Onabule „The Devoured Man“ 28th September 2007 Rhythm Attack/Edel

Olli Banjo „Erste Hilfe“ 10th June 2003 Headrush/EMI


Paul Hankinson „Dear Emily“ 29th November 2019 Traumton/Indigo

Pit Baumgartner „Tales of Trust“ 9th May 2008 Phazz-a-delic/Edel

Poetica Various Artists 30th September 2011 Sony Classical

Port Cities „Port Cities“ 13th April 2018 – turtlemusik/Proper

Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis – OST Various Artists 30th May 2005 Hollywood Records/Warner Music

Pryde „This Is Pride“ 15th September 2003 Jamrock/Universal

Paul Simon „So Beautiful Or So What“ 8th April 2011 Concord/Universal Music Group


Richard Clayderman „Forever Love” 25th February 2022 BMG

Riopy „Tree of Light“ 27h September 2019 Warner Music

Rodrigo Leão „Avis“ EP 17th July 2020 BMG International

Rodrigo Leão „O Método“ 21st February 2020 BMG International

Rymden „Space Sailors“ 18th September 2020 Jazzland Recordings/Edel

Rymden „Reflections & Odysseys“ 8th February 2019 Jazzland Recordings/Edel

Rohey „A Million Things“ 31st March 2017 Jazzland Recordings/Edel

Rebekka Bakken „The Art Of How to Fall“ 22nd September 2003 Emarcy/Universal Music Group

Rebekka Bakken „I Keep My Cool“ 1st September 2006 Emarcy/Universal Music Group

Richard Bona „Munia (The Tale)“ 22nd September 2003 Universal Jazz

„Ray“ OST 29th November 2004

„Ray“ The Movie 6th January 2005 UIP

Ruth Young „This Is Always“ 30th May 2005 Nagel Heyer Records/Edel Contraire

„Rize“ OST Various Artists 21st October 2005 Silva Screen Records/Edel

Ray Charles & The Count Basie Orchestra „Ray Sings, Basie Swings“ 20th October 2006 Concord/Universal

Reeperbahn Festival 21st -23rd September 2006 Hamburg

Reeperbahn Festival 27th -29th September 2007 Hamburg

Reeperbahn Festival 25th -27th September 2008 Hamburg

Rufus Wainwright „All Days Are Nights:  Songs for Lulu“ 23rd March 2010 Decca/Universal Music Group

Rufus Wainwright DVD „Prima Donna – The Story Of An Opera“ 4th May 2010 Decca/Universal Music Group

Rolf Kühn „Stereo“ 24th April 2015 MPS/Edel

Raul Midón „Bad Ass and Blind“ 24th March 2017 Mack Avenue Records/Artistry Music

radio.string.quartet „In Between Silence“ 22nd September 2017 Jazzland/Edel


Sandie Wollasch „Better“ 18th February 2022  Herz über Kopf/Phazz-a-delic New Format Recordings

Sapporo Meets Janosch 5th March 2021 Phazz-a-delic New Format Recordings/Alive

San Glaser „New Road“ 23rd January 2009 Flash Records/Soulfood

Sidsel Endresen „Undertown“ VÖ 26.03.2001 Jazzland Recordings/Edel

Syleena Johnson “Chapter 1: Love, Pain & Forgiveness” 3rd September 2001 Jive/Rough Trade

Soweto Kinch „The New Emancipation“ 26th September 2000 Soweto Kinch Recordings

Sérgio Mendes „Encanto“ 2nd May 2008 Concord Records/Universal Jazz

Silje Nergaard „Darkness Out Of Blue“ 27th April 2007 Emarcy/Universal Jazz

Sunshine Andersen „Your Woman“ 23rd July 2001 Atlantic/Warner

„School Of Rock“ Film 5th February 2004 United International Pictures

„Smokin` Aces“OST various artists 2nd March 2007 Polydor/Universal

Soulciety various artists „Never Get Enough“ 29th August 2005 Soulciety Records/neo

„Sounds From The Verve HiFi“ Compiled by Thievery Corporation 4th February 2004 Verve/Universal Music

State of Monc „Phanton Speaker“ 12th November 2010 Sound Camp Records/Our Distribution

„Stax“ DVD Set 16th October 2007 Concord/Universal

Simon Vegas „Vegas World“ 1st July 2002 Eastwest/Warner


Tubilah „Upside Down“ 19th August 2022 Phazz-a-coustic/Alive

Till Brönner „Christmas“ 29th Oktober ony Masterworks

Thomas Bartlett „Shelter“24th July 2020 Modern Recordings/BMG

Tony Banks „5“ 23rd February 2018 BMG Rights Management

The Chill Out Album Vol. 5 2nd September 2002 Warner

The Cranberries „Stars – The Best of Cranberries 1992-2002“ 16th September 2002 Island Records/Mercuy

Thomas Dybdahl „Songs“ 29th April 2011 Strange Cargo/Universal Music Group

Thomas Dybdahl „What’s Left Is Forever“ 13th September 2013 Strange Cargo/Universal Music Jazz

Torun Eriksen „Visits“ 7th February 2014 Jazzland

Torun Eriksen „Grand White Silk“ 9th September 2016

Torun Eriksen „Luxury and Waste“ 7thSeptember 2018 Jazzland Recordings/Edel

Torsten Goods „1980“ 29th August ACT/edelkultur

Tord Gustavsen Trio „Being There“ 20th Aril 2007 ECM/Universal Jazz

The Roy Hargrove Quintett „Nothing Serious“12th Mai 2006 Verve/Universal Jazz

The Ultimate Isaac Hayes „Can You Dig It?“ 24th March 2006 Universal Strategic Marketing

The RH Factor „Distractions“ 12th May 2006 Verve/Universal Jazz

The Jazzinvaders „3“ 12th November 2010 Unique Records/Groove Attack

The Lumineers „The Lumineers“ 16. November Decca Records/Universal Music„

The Music of Silence – Die einzigartige Lebensgeschichte von Andrea Bocelli“ DVD 10th April 2018 EuroVideoMedien

The National Bank „Come On Over To The Other Side“ 22nd February 2008 Emarcy/Universal Jazz

The Puppini Sisters „Betcha Bottom Dollar“ 20th October 2006 Verve/Universal Music

The Puppini Sisters „The Rise & Fall of Ruby Woo“ 18th January 2008 Verve Records/Universal Jazz

The Puppini Sisters „Christmas with the Puppini Sisters“ 05th November 2010 Verve/Universal

The Puppini Sisters „Hollywood“ 18th November 2011 Verve/Universal Music

„The Very Best Of Stax“ 31st July 2007 Concord/Universal Strategic Marketing

Tefla & Jaleel „Direkt Neben Dir“14th October 2002 eastwest records

Tefla & Jaleel „Interview“ 11th June 2001 Wea International/Warner

Tempers „Junkspace“ 09th November BMG

Texas „Greatest Hits“ 22nd October 2000 Mercury/Universal Music

„The Ring“ Film 2002 United International Pictures

Theodore „It Is But It’s Not“ 22nd July 2016 United We Fly Music Productions/Proper

Thievery Corporation „The Cosmic Game “ 21st February 2005 ESL Music/Soulfood

Thievery Corporation „The Outernational Sound“ 15th June 2004 ESL Music/Soulfood

Thievery Corporation „The Richest Man In Babylon“ 16th September 2002 ESL Music/Soulfood

Thievery Corporation „Versions“ 19th May 2006 ESL/Soulfood

Tok Tok Tok „She And He“ 24th October 2008 Boutique/Universal Jazz

„Touch My Soul“ DVD Various Artists 31st October 2002 BMG Ariola Media GmbH


Uli Kunz „Leidenschaft Ozean“ Greenpeace Lecture Trips 2017 & 2018-2019

Ute Lemper „The 9 Secrets“ 11th November 2015 Edel Kultur

Ute Lemper „Blood & Feathers – Live from the Café Carlyle” 20th January 2006 Content Records/Edel

Ute Lemper „Blood & Feathers – Live from the Café Carlyle” DVD 13th April 2006 Content Records/Edel

Ute Lemper „Between Yesterday And Tomorrow“22nd February 2008 content records/Edel

Ute Lemper „Forever – The Love Poems of Pablo Neruda“ 22nd November 2013 content records/Edel

Ulrike Haage „Erzählung des Gleichgewichts 4:W“ 4th September 2015 blue pearls music/Indigo

Ulrike Haage „Grüße aus Fukushima“ OST 11th March blue pearls music/Indigo

Ulrike Haage „Maelstrom“ 4th September 2015 blue pearl music/Indigo

Ursula 1000 „Ursadelica“ 15th November 2004 ESL Music/Soulfood


Various Artists „you do. we listen.“ Vol.1  25th February 2022 PhazzKidzz – digital im Vertrieb vom Argon Verlag

„Verliebt in Berlin“ Various Artists 6th June 2005 Warner Strategic Marketing

Vienna Art Orchestra „3-Trilogy“ 30th March 2007 Universal Music Austria

Violetta Parisini „Open Secrets“ 24th February 2012 Emarcy/harmonia mundi


Waldeck „Waldeck presents 20 years Dope Noir“ 29th April 2022 Dope Noir Records/Broken Silence

Wu-Tang Clan „Legend of the Wu-Tang Clan: Wu-Tang Clan‘s Greatest Hits“ 25th October 2004 BMG


Xzibit „Weapons Of Mass Destruction“ 6th December 2004 Sony Music

X Alfonso „Civilizacion“ 10th November 2006 – Timba Records/edel contraire


Zuco 103 „One Down One Up“ 29th September 2003 Ziriguiboom/Crammed Discs